The heart of Tempocasa
beats for Africa

It beats at the rhythm of “Tempocasa for Uganda”, our company's solidarity initiative.

The project is the continuation of fundraising “Together for the Future of 200 Children” by Marco Uboldi and Elena Delsignore. Thanks to this collection of funds and the commitment of various agencies that the company has been able to support the activity of the non-profit association “Oltre le Parole”. This resulted in the construction of the first Tempocasa school, a primary school at Mpara village, in Uganda. Inaugurated in 2016 and expanded in 2017, it now houses 430 students. But that is just the beginning, and “Tempocasa for Uganda” was established to build a second institution, once again in alliance with “Oltre le Parole”: a two-story building for a total of 500 square meters, with five classrooms and as many dormitories, for the children of the village of Rushere.
It is a goal that needs everyone to contribute!

If you would like to contribute too, send an e-mail to [email protected] or call the following numbers:

347 4490194 (Elena)
335 5847605 (Marco)

Alone we can do little, together we will do great things!

The nonprofit association “Oltre le Parole” does not belong to and does not refer to the TEMPOCASA SPA group. TEMPOCASA SPA supports the initiative of the non-profit association “Oltre le Parole”, but has no part in its management and control, either directly or indirectly, or over the activities of the organization and its cash flows, which are managed exclusively by the members of the non-profit association “Oltre le Parole”.